Usha Martin Makes An Impact In Naxal-infected Areas Through KGSK

Usha Martin’s work in the villages in Jharkhand called KGSK is built on the Village Buddha platform. Its village development model is based on and evolved from TQM (Total Quality Management) practices. Till 2010 – they had impacted only 5 villages. They have a eight pillar holistic approach – which they evolved from the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) 8 pillars. The 8 pillars are as follows:

  1. Natural Resource Management
  2. Healthcare
  3. Education
  4. Women’s Empowerment
  5. Livelihood
  6. Renewable energy
  7. Capacity building
  8. Resource mobilization.


To implement each of these verticals in a village they have village representatives heading these departments/functions and women work through QC Circles and Self-help groups to solve problems based on facts and data. The QC Circles are called 3S (Samasya Samadhan Samooh) groups for problem solving. They follow the Systematic problem solving method as a means for addressing their village issues. Recently they have made a presentation to the Chief Minister of the state on this. This is fully implemented in 266 villages under a leader, Mr. Yezdi Karai.

In 2010, they brought in Mr Yezdi Karai who came  from a background of consultancy. He has spent a lot of time to understand this and then taken this to 266 companies today and has partial implementation in 500 companies and on the way to scale up to 1000 companies. As the company has a long term investment in the state – it has a wire rope factory nearby – they are doing all this to make sure their investment is safe. It does not see the Naxal problem as a issue. It is working with farmers and village people very closely who maybe even termed as Naxals by the police. They are also well connected with the state government and donor agencies around the world and been able to get companies who are investing in India to give them projects which they are implementing in Jharkhand.

For instance a village development may be done by them, and the healthcare vertical funded by company X and another vertical by company Y. As they have a strong impact measurement system (different measures for each stage of implementation and withdrawal), they are able to attract the donors.

Out of a total turnover of Rs 14.5 crores or so, Usha Martin has invested about Rs 4.5 crores, and the rest comes from government schemes and donors. They have aso set up a Dairy business unit called KGVK Agro Ltd.

KGSK has joined the Village Budha community to participate, share and contribute in the Village Budha initiatives. Based on a rising demand from the membership, Module 1 and 2 of Village Budha have been merged, enriched with experiences like KGSK and others leading to a longer by a day, namely a 4 day Module A.

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