The India Smart Manufacturing Alliance

What are the opportunities for manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing combines the growth of the real and the virtual world, led by digital infrastructure such as cloud and big data storage for industrial users through technology services and intelligent horizontal and vertical linkages. The fundamental ‘digitalization’ of the industrial sector is progressing along three very distinct ways.

  1. First is the progressive adoption of ten different technologies which are collectively known as Industry 4.0 and comprise of additive manufacturing, the Cloud, big data and analytics, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous robots, sensors, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration, cyber-security and augmented reality. These greatly enhance productivity and lower labor costs. At the same time, rising logistics costs are compressing supply chains and creating high-tech, flexible plants.
  2. Second, increased digitization and IoT is leading to the rise of forward services in manufacturing such as predictive maintenance services and asset performance enhancement services. The installed base of IoT was $6.4 bn in 2016, and is expected to go up to $20.8 bn by 2020 .
  3. Finally, digital technologies are leading to the rise in global platforms which aggregate enterprises. Enterprises no longer need to be only large to be viable and drive growth. Indian SMEs can benefit from such aggregated platforms.

The India Smart Manufacturing Alliance

CII is of the view that Industry 4.0 is a phenomenon that is here to stay and Indian manufacturing will be compelled to understand the possibilities and embrace the opportunities.

To help industry navigate the challenges and opportunities, CII has conceptualized the India Smart Manufacturing Alliance. The Alliance is conceptualized as a think-cum-action tank bringing together users, service providers, policy makers, institutions and academia to:

  • Gain insights into early market opportunities that add commercial value.
  • Provide access to the leading resources that are driving Smart Manufacturing
  • Participate in the deployment of projects and initiatives that enhance industry competitiveness
  • Provide inputs on policy framework for adoption of smart manufacturing practices 

    The Alliance will focus on 4 core areas

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Awareness Building
  • Building Competitiveness
  • MatchmakingThrough the alliance CII aims to help build smart manufacturing capacities in the country and help develop India as a leading provider of smart solutions.

    Source: CII Mission Manufacturing May 2017

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