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Introduction and Theme

The 10th edition of EXCON, to be held in Bengaluru between 10-14th December 2019 with ‘Smart I-tech Next-Gen India@75’ as the theme, is the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia. 

The theme is woven around the developmental vision given by 5Is, namely Infrastructure; Innovation; Internet; Intelligent; and Interconnected. The 5Is seamlessly integrate different dimensions envisioned in the main theme that would define the world of tomorrow. 

Through the theme of ‘Smart I-tech Next-Gen India@75’, EXCON seeks to connect with major stakeholders, forge partnerships, explore and exchange ideas as well as showcase the products of the future for a new India @ 75.

With the Government focused on infrastructure development and affordable housing, there is tremendous potential for Construction Equipment (CE) manufacturers in India. Globally, India is one of the fastest growing markets for the construction equipment industry, and as of now, construction equipment forms 7% – 8% of India’s GDP and is an employment generator, expected to employ more than 3 million people in the country by 2020. 

Modern equipment and state-of-the-art-technology are increasingly becoming an integral part of the CE industry and fueling Next Gen infrastructure. This is a step change from the traditional methods of machines working in isolation. Equipment today is ‘intelligent’ with the ability to communicate digitally, thereby positively impacting site efficiency and productivity. 

The theme of EXCON blends well with the rapidity of movement towards smart and innovative technologies sweeping the CE industry. The expo would focus on products which resonate with the theme and provide value to stakeholders.

The 5Is of the EXCON Theme will revolutionize India’s developmental journey.


India’s infrastructure requirements are humongous, as is the potential. Accordingly, many companies in the CE industry are contemplating higher investments aimed at being ready for the future. This has raised the expectations of industries affiliated with infrastructure development, such as the CE industry, about the future growth in demand.

EXCON plans to sensitize visiting companies about the variegated options to choose from and provide new ideas for inspiration.  


Responding to the demands of Next Gen infrastructure for the India of tomorrow, companies have introduced an elaborate line-up of innovative and technologically advanced machines in the construction equipment industry. Construction is increasingly becoming more mechanized to reduce project time and control costs – leading to higher demand for advanced construction equipment. EXCON would serve to provide a unique platform to companies to experience and test innovations and exchange views and ideas on the latest products showcased at the expo.


In their pursuit of greater mechanization, companies in the CE industry are looking to better integrate the hardware at the core of the machines with the interface circuit and software. For this, they are leveraging technology by integrating ‘Big Data and Internet of Things’ (IoT) in their products and services. There is a massive amount of digital influx in this industry today with Telematics, IoT and Big Data becoming integrated with products and services. Such companies are participating in EXCON 2019 and would demonstrate how making a winning leap forward is being made possible through digital connectivity.


Today, a whole new range of intelligent machines, which exhibit a blend of technology and digital innovation to meet the demand for world class machines, are being used to build the country’s Next Gen infrastructure. Many companies have introduced smart and digitally enhanced technologies in their products and services.

EXCON 2019 would exhibit such a range of intelligent machines, which are being used in infrastructure projects, for dissemination to a wider audience.


One of the novel features of the new CE technology is the interconnectedness of their systems. There is total equipment integration which would help in efficient work and adherence to tighter timelines on infrastructure projects. EXCON 2019 would help participants converge to a common venue to showcase the latest technological innovations in equipment and design in the consumer equipment space, to make it relevant and contemporary for the stakeholders in the industry.

EXCON 2019 is the best marketplace for the construction equipment industry and will facilitate business and help the CE industry leverage the 5 Is to its advantage.