Promoting green companies through CII GreenCo rating System, the first of its kind in the world


Of late, companies are keen to know how green their company is. This in turn would also enable companies to develop their long term strategy and stay ahead of the growth curve.  Addressing this imperative is the launch of CII GreenCo rating system, the first of its kind in the world. GreenCo rating is a robust evaluation process which rates the degree of environmental performance of the company. It assesses companies on the following broad performance parameters:


  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Water Conservation
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. GHG Mitigation
  5. Waste Management
  6. Material Conservation, Recycling and Recyclability
  7. Green Supply Chain
  8. Product Stewardship
  9. Life Cycle Assessment
  10. Eco  friendly surroundings, Biodiversity & Innovation


GreenCo rating is applicable to both service and manufacturing sectors. The rating is implemented at facility level in a manufacturing / service company.  Almost all the industry segments are covered under the rating. As on June 2017, more than 270 companies (including 125 GreenCo Rated companies) are working on the implementation of GreenCo guidelines. The first 41 GreenCo certified companies have achieved recurring saving of Rs 765 Million /year.


The Indian Government has acknowledged GreenCo rating in the “INDC document” (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)  as one of the voluntary initiatives of Indian industry, aimed towards addressing climate change concerns . UNIDO has featured GreenCo Rating as one of the key industry initiatives in India that is promoting environmentally sustainable business growth.


MoU with Indian Railways: CII has inked an MoU with Indian Railways for facilitating the development of green industrial units. As part of this MoU, Indian Railways has adopted GreenCo framework. As on date, 6  Railway units have achieved GreenCo rating certification.


Outreach: GreenCo movement is supported through GreenCo forums and e-forums: GreenCo forum serves as a platform for companies to share and learn green practices from each other.  So far GreenCo forums have been launched in 7 cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. It promotes green technologies, green service providers and green investments in the industry. As a part of the forum, CII has also launched an online group for industry professionals.  Several interesting case studies and best practices in green models are shared across the members through emails.  CII conducts GreenCo training and awareness programs at tier 1 and tier 2 cities all through the year.


Benefits of GreenCo Rating System


GreenCo enables development of long term green growth strategy: GreenCo rating enables the company to assess where it stands in terms of environmental management. This provides a realistic framework on how to raise the bar of environmental performance and encourages setting a long term roadmap for resource conservation and improved profitability.  It also equips the company to meet future environmental compliance norms and makes them ‘future ready’ .


Introduction of global best practices: GreenCo rating has facilitated introduction of newer concepts such as green supply chain, product stewardship and life cycle assessment (LCA) in Indian industry. GreenCo companies have used LCA as an excellent tool to identify new opportunities for reducing environmental impacts as well as for achieving cost benefits. As a part of Green supply chain initiative, many large companies have adopted SMEs and have helped them to implement GreenCo SME rating. This in turn will facilitate the introduction of green concepts in SMEs sector and make the overall supply chain greener.  GreenCo has facilitated SMEs to achieve cost benefits, enhance export opportunities, attain green image and gain attractive funding opportunities for Green projects.


Market transformation: GreenCo rating system has helped offer new growth opportunities to various technology providers/service providers. New disciplines like green logistics, green procurement, sustainable packing, and clean technologies are receiving increased attention and encouraging products and technologies, which are ecologically superior and economically viable.


The Impact:


CII actively engages with stakeholders in promoting Green Initiatives in the Indian industry through GreenCo Summits, GreenCo Forums and E-forums, and training programmes as well as advisory and consultative services with a view to promote green technologies, green service providers and green investments as well as best practices. The first 41 GreenCo certified companies have already achieved savings of Rs. 765 million/year.


With more than 270 companies implementing GreenCo guidelines, CII is confident about building a defining path towards ecologically sustainable business growth and creating a Greener India in the years to come.

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