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The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), through its regional centers, works in partnership with the industry, government, and civil society at the grassroots level for building an efficient, equitable, and developed country. With 68 offices across the country, CII has been successful in understanding the varied socio-economic conditions of India and is implementing a sustainable growth model for the various regions of the country, which will ultimately contribute towards enhancing India’s competitiveness.

CII Rajasthan is one such regional office that is working on diverse platforms under the univocal agenda of inclusive and sustainable growth. The activities and initiatives in the state are related to Industry & Investments, Employment, Ease of Doing Business, Education, Tourism, Agriculture, Water, Taxation, GST, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Rural Development, Market Linkages, Skill Development, Health, etc.

It was observed that CII’s member organisations, especially MSMEs, face difficulty in understanding the definition and clarifications on multifarious government policies, orders, and notifications. Considering the same, CII Rajasthan has come up with a Help Centre for MSMEs and Start-Ups to guide them in understanding important policy matters/notifications/guidelines on Tax, Pollution, ESI, PF, various government permissions, GST, etc.  

Although CII has been facilitating help and guidance to industry members on such topics and issues faced by them on a day-to-day basis, for a concerted effort and to extend dedicated support to the industry members, CII has created this unique platform. It comprises of a panel of over 20 Experts from various sectors through their advisory services. Most of the experts are also members of CII and have come forward to help industries free of cost.

The modus operandi of the Help Centre are as follows: 

  • Queries would be sent to the official CII ID. Based on the query, CII secretariat will send it to the concerned expert and follow up for a response.
  • Experts are requested to resolve the basic and small queries of industry members online through emails. The timeline for the same is 48 hours.
  • For the detailed queries, the CII secretariat will connect Experts to members and those will be resolved professionally. 

 The following Sectors are covered in the Help Centre:

Company LawsGST, VAT, Excise, Customs and Service Tax
PF & Labour related matters
Compliance Service of Tourism Sector & Compliance Service of Real Estate
Pollution Related
Intellectual Property Rights Law
Factories & Boilers
Financial Management
Income Tax (Direct Taxation)
Insurance laws, Criminal Laws, Civil Laws, Food Safety laws, Financial and Banking laws, Taxation laws, Intellectual Property Rights
IT Consultancy

The state office is working in parallel to add more services. 

While India is vying to become the manufacturing hub of the world, it is pertinent that it implements favourable, symbiotic policies that are both facilitative and encouraging. CII is working closely with the government and the industry to create a favourable environment for the holistic socio-economic development of the nation. The Help Centre for Industries at CII Rajasthan is one such initiative. 

For clarifications or queries, please write to: cii.rajasthan@cii.in; ashish.pathak@cii.in