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Nikhat Fatimah could not continue with her studies after clearing her class 12 exams and was in search of a job to provide support to her family. Unable to find a suitable job, she registered herself with the nearby Employment Exchange, but to no avail. Thereafter, Nikhat visited the CII Model Career Centre (MCC) in Gurugram, after hearing about the centre from her friends.

Nikhat’s self-confidence was boosted after attending the informative HPCL training session at CII MCC. After the Baro Test (a career guidance test) was conducted, Nikhat was called for the placement drive. She was successfully placed at Home Credit Pvt Ltd. with a salary of Rs 11,000 per month. Today, Nikhat is not only helping her family with the expenses, but is also on a well-defined career path with a bright future.

Like Nikhat, there are many others who have benefitted from gainful employment with the help of CII MCCs. CII MCCs have provided employment to more than 50,000 job aspirants within a span of 2 years and continue to do the same for many others.

CII Partnership

India is the youngest nation in the world with more than 54% of its population below 25 years of age and 62% of the population in the working age group of 15-59 years. Therefore, skilling the workforce and providing sustainable livelihood opportunities is an imperative that cannot be overlooked.

The CII India Skills Report 2016 assessed the skill levels of more than 5 lakh students across Indian states to understand their employability while simultaneously assessing the hiring intent of corporate entities. The report revealed that while only 38% of the candidates were employable, there was also a large supply demand gap in the job market.

Given the report’s analysis, CII recommended a revamp of the existing Employment Exchanges and adoption of a more dynamic approach towards provision of professional career counselling and guidance to job seekers.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE), Government of India, launched the National Career Service (NCS) scheme in 2016 to provide a variety of employment services through Employment Exchanges. Under the NCS, 100 MCCs were established in collaboration with states and other institutions.

The MoLE assigned 3 MCCs to CII, one each at Gurugram, Mumbai and Chennai. The performance of CII MCCs led MoLE to entrust CII with one more MCC at Bareilly, set up in December 2017.

The MCCs act as a reservoir of skilled talent, with the primary focus on providing career counselling to Indian youth entering the workforce and establishing a seamless employer-employee contact.

The CII MCCs help the candidates to make the right career choices based on their aptitude. Further, they aim to bridge the skill gap that exists between industry and the workforce. Additionally, the MCCs enhances the reach and employability of job aspirants by updating their data in the NCS online portal.

MCC Approach

From engaging the youth to providing them gainful employment, the MCCs are actively involved in every stage of the employment process and provide all round support to the candidates.

After registration, the first step is an online aptitude test that maps the candidate to a particular occupation. The candidate is provided with focused career counselling based on the test results. Additionally, job fairs are organized to link industry with relevant talent.

Training courses covering subjects such as grooming etiquette and professional business communication, report writing, presentation skills etc. are also provided to further enhance the candidate’s employability.

On completion of the course, the candidate is given another employability test followed by counselling, either online or face to face. Assistance is also provided to candidates on interview preparation, drafting resumes, sharing information on employment opportunities etc.


CII Activities

The CII MCC’s have undertaken many initiatives to provide Indian youth with the right career choices. These include – providing online counselling and guidance to 30,000 girls across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Haryana and Delhi; career counselling to 15,000 girls and internship opportunities/placements to 7,000 girls of SNDT University, Mumbai; volunteer support by industry to companies such as Google, Cognizant, HPCL etc.; internship opportunities to MSBTE students across Maharashtra, and other initiatives.

A primary feature of CII MCCs is conducting job fairs and placement drives in partnership with various colleges, universities, State Governments, etc. They conduct job fairs across India with the objective of bridging the gap between employers and the talent pool. CII conducts over 30 job fairs every year, impacting over 1 lakh aspirants and leverages CII’s industry connect through its 8,500 direct and over 2 lakh indirect members.

The CII MCCs are a unique model that aims to strengthen the skills ecosystem in the country while also making a significant contribution to the Indian Industry. The CII led MCCs have caught the interest of both Industry and State Governments and with more such MCCs in the pipeline, jobs and livelihood would receive a significant boost in the country.



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