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The world is currently passing through a challenging period due to the spread of Covid-19. The safety of people across the world is of paramount importance, while ensuring that the epidemic does not infect more and more with each passing day. For this, Hon Prime Minister has advised citizens to maintain social distancing and the Government has issued notifications on to ensure public safety, including working from home.

In this scenario, CII has taken a proactive position on ensuring that industry adapts to the emerging conditions with minimal impact on businesses, employees and all stakeholders. To help businesses with business continuity, CII interventions extend to multiple areas, including policy advocacy, support services, competitiveness building and information dissemination.

Regarding policy advocacy, CII has been engaged with the Government at the highest levels and has brought out recommendations for the economy, fiscal and monetary policies, and diverse sectors. Representations have been shared with Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Minister of Commerce and Industry, RBI, SEBI, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other ministries. Some of the sectors covered include tourism, healthcare, aviation, pharmaceuticals, solar energy, IT/ITES and manufacturing sectors. The MSME sector is of particular concern and CII has presented suggestions to address their issues.

CII is working to ensure business continuity by enabling B2B engagements, virtual product launches, company to company connect through virtual conference facilities, and other platforms. A series of webinars is providing knowledge in different areas to industry. I would urge you to take advantage of the digital tools provided by CII at nominal charge to reach out to your supply chains and customers.

To help companies to cut cost and achieve competitiveness, CII Centres of Excellence are working closely with companies in person or through virtual platforms. The training programs provided by the CII Centres of Excellence are continuing through online platforms wherever possible. All Centres are maintaining their schedule of training, learning and assessment, and awards.

CII is reaching out to its members through letters to keep them abreast of the latest ideas in addressing fallout of Covid-19. It is also actively interacting through the media to people in general to reassure them that Indian industry is keeping the needs of people uppermost in priority.

Additionally, CII is in contact with industry members for disseminating information through diverse platforms. The information includes good individual and business habits at the workplace and for personal use, as also advisories. Four daily newsletters are keeping businesses updated – i) compilation of Central and state government and regulatory authority advisories and notifications; ii) compilation of all CII recommendations; iii) collation of best practices by leading corporates as guidelines; and iv) policy measures being taken by other countries to combat the Coronavirus.

The current situation requires resilience and leadership from industry across the world. CII stands ready to support industry in managing the Coronavirus pandemic.