CII-IGBC spearheading the green building movement in India

Green building movement in India is shaping up  very well and is well poised to re-define the way buildings are conceived, designed and constructed. Today, India has consolidated itself as one of the global thought leaders on sustainable and eco-friendly construction and its expertise is shared at various national and international forums. The 21st century modern green building movement in India was triggered off when CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre in Hyderabad gained the unique distinction of becoming India’s first Platinum rated green building in the year 2003. Since then, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of CII is spearheading the green building movement in India.

The vision of the council is “To enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025”. The council is committee-based, member-driven and consensus-focused. Stakeholders of construction industry including- Government, architects, developers, product manufacturers, corporate, academia and nodal agencies are part of the Council and are playing a catalytic role in taking forward the green building movement in India. As on date, IGBC is strong with over 1,875 organizational members. In its endeavor to promote sustainable practices, the centre offers a range of world class advisory services on conservation of natural resources to the industry including Energy Management, Green Product Certification, GHG Inventorization, Waste Management among many others to promote Green Practices and Businesses across country.


Green building movement in India: the growing numbers:

Today, over 4,000 IGBC green building projects, amounting to over 4.53 billion sq.ft of green building footprint are going the green way. This in turn has enabled India become the 2nd Country in the world in terms of largest green building footprint, with projects spread across the Country. Various types of buildings including- Government, Homes, Schools, Airports, Malls, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Metro Rails are adopting IGBC green building rating systems. IGBC has the distinction of launching 21 green building rating systems to suit various building typologies.



Green buildings make good business sense 

IGBC has demonstrated a clear business case for green buildings. Today, constructing a green building is technically feasible and economically viable. The incremental costs of about 3 to 4% gets paid back in 2 to 3 years, with substantial reduction in operational costs. This proposition is encouraging stakeholders go the green buildings way. IGBC aspires to facilitate 10 billion sq.ft of green building footprint by 2022 (75th year of India’s Independence).


Market transformation

IGBC aspires that the place we live, work, study, play, commute and all types of built environment should go the green way and in the process facilitate a greener and healthier India. IGBC has facilitated in the market transformation for green building products and technologies. Today, Indian industry is in the forefront in designing finest green products and technologies which are ecologically superior and economically viable. IGBC estimates that the market potential would be about USD 300 billion by 2025. This in turn would offer new growth opportunities to the stakeholders.


The Impact

The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre plays a critical role in promoting a sustainable environment by spearheading the Green Building movement in India, with the objective of reducing the overall carbon footprint of the country. As of today, the centre has certified 1,009 green buildings with an estimated green building foot print of 4.53 billion square feet, certified 150 Products under Green Product Certification and have 4,077 projects registered green building projects. The centre works continuously with the stakeholders to realize its mission of establishing India as one of the global leaders in Green Business by 2025. Over the years, the Centre has greatly contributed to making a healthier society and building a better India.


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