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The evaluation and acceleration of productivity and performance are vital for industries as they serve as essential drivers of growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. These practices empower organizations to assess their current performance, identify areas requiring improvement, and implement strategies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

CII Toolkit for Assessment and Acceleration of Productivity and Excellence

CII has developed an assessment service aimed at assisting the Indian industry in conducting comprehensive evaluations of their processes, operations, and various performance metrics. Termed as CII TAPE (Toolkit for Assessment and Acceleration of Productivity and Excellence), this service acts as a valuable resource, aiding businesses in identifying areas ripe for improvement and devising targeted strategies to enhance profitability.

Enhance Productivity Across All Sectors

The process begins with a macro-level assessment, where enterprises answer a set of questions that provide a holistic view of their performance. Based on the answers and a quick discussion, CII TAPE experts prepare an evaluation report that includes recommendations for increasing productivity.

Following the macro assessment, CII experts visits the site to gather detailed information about the organization’s operations. This in-person interaction with organizational leadership enables the CII team to gain deeper insights and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of processes, operations, and performance metrics, thereby identifying areas that can be optimized.

Based on the assessment findings and on-site observations, CII develops a customized action plan tailored to the organization’s specific needs and goals. This action plan outlines a set of methodologies, strategies, and best practices that can be implemented to enhance productivity and performance. It addresses identified areas for improvement, offering practical solutions to drive operational efficiency, streamline processes, and optimize resource allocation.

Focus Sectors

CII TAPE services cater to a wide range of sectors, including food, agriculture, water, manufacturing, technology, chemicals, defense, family business, FMCG, intellectual property rights, design, innovation, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, power, environmental, social and governance (ESG), and more. 

The toolkit evaluates businesses along the following key parameters:

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In addition to providing a detailed action plan, CII TAPE also offers support in implementing the recommended strategies. CII experts collaborate closely with organizations, providing guidance and assistance throughout the implementation process. This hands-on approach ensures the effective execution of proposed methodologies, resulting in tangible improvements in productivity and overall performance.

CII TAPE experts will be available for individual consultations at the CII Annual Session 2023. If you’d like your business to be evaluated along any of the parameters listed above, please register your interest by signing up for the Annual Session. A CII TAPE expert, at the venue, will take you through the toolkit, answer your queries and help you develop a roadmap for improved productivity.

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